Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bluff Point's American Oystercatchers

Yet more great photos from Timothy L. Thompson, this time of a pair of American Oystercatchers at the Bluff Point Coastal Preserve.

Keep in mind we want all sightings and information on these birds as well, plus Least Terns and Common Terns which should arrive in Connecticut in a few weeks. Get ready to help us with long-legged wader and shorebird surveys which will be underway soon! If you are interested in signing up for those or even helping us monitor some of the more remote sites including offshore islands please email us at ctwaterbirds@gmail.com. If you ever have any questions or comments, sightings or information, disturbance reports or suggestions, send it all to us right there. The more we hear from all of you the better!

Audubon Alliance for Coastal Waterbirds, Audubon Connecticut and the Connecticut Audubon Society partnering to improve conditions for coastal waterbirds in Connecticut.

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