Tuesday, April 17, 2012

West Haven Piping Plover

Here is a photo of a Piping Plover at Morse/Sandy Points in West Haven a few days ago from one of our seasonal waterbird technicians, Sean Graesser.

You will be happy to know this beach held the second nest of the 2012 season as one egg was found by CT DEEP's Rebecca Foster yesterday. Please join us if you can tomorrow at 10AM at Morse/Sandy Points for a fencing party when staff and volunteers will erect string fencing and additional signage to help protect the Piping Plover nests and eventual families. This is a great chance to speak to state and Audubon Alliance staff about the birds, how to monitor nests and young, and more. See this post for more information on and directions to this fencing party and the next at Long Beach in Stratford and Pleasure Beach in Bridgeport on Thursday at 10AM.

Audubon Alliance for Coastal Waterbirds, Audubon Connecticut and the Connecticut Audubon Society partnering to improve conditions for coastal waterbirds in Connecticut.

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