Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Great Gull Island work parties

Volunteers needed for weekend work parties!

Great Gull Island is the most important nesting area for federally endangered Roseate Terns in the Western Hemisphere and also supports the largest concentration of nesting Common Terns in the world. Great Gull was hit very hard by Hurricane Sandy and needs help getting ready for the upcoming nesting season. The island is an amazing place if you’ve never had the opportunity to visit there! See more here: http://greatgullisland.org/Main_Page.html

Spring is in the air and the tern is on the wing, so it’s time to look at your calendar and sign up for Spring Work Weekends:

Friday May 10th – Sunday May 12th
Friday May 17th – Sunday May 19th
Friday May 24th – Monday May 27th (Memorial Day Weekend / Nest Marking)
Friday May 31st – Sunday June 2nd (Nest Marking)

Helen hopes for lots of helpers for all weekends, but especially for the two Nest Marking weekends. She’ll be happy to hear when you can come, at hays@amnh.org.

Photo of Roseate Tern by AJ Hand.

Boats leave from Captain John’s dock in Waterford at 3 PM on Fridays and return Sunday evening (excepting Memorial Day Weekend, which returns on Monday).

Thank you!

Audubon Alliance for Coastal Waterbirds, Audubon Connecticut and the Connecticut Audubon Society partnering to improve conditions for coastal waterbirds in Connecticut.

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