Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tracking outreach and education

One of the main goals of monitoring coastal waterbirds is to reach out to the public and all beachgoers in order to educate them on our birds, why they're important, how come they need our help and protection, what we can do to give them a better chance at nesting success and so forth. This may be especially important when it comes to large groups of visiting folks who do not know what the string fencing and signage is in place for, children and students on the beach, events during holidays and hot summer days or those walking their dogs on the beach.

Many of you already tell us about how many people you speak to on the beach but if everyone could please include the number of folks you talk to and educate during your monitoring when you submit the rest of your data and information we would appreciate it. We want to track how many people we as a collective educate this year. If you could tell us how many people you speak to each visit to your beach that would help us tremendously, thank you!

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