Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Birds still hatching and growing

Even though we are now in the midpoint of the summer and the days are slowly getting shorter we are still having birds hatching all across our beaches. American Oystercatchers are about done with breeding for the season but the Piping Plovers are not as even in the last couple of weeks we have had more young hatch on multiple beaches. Common and Least Terns are at various stages of development with adults and juveniles leaving breeding areas and dispersing while others are just seeing their young hatch now.

Here are a couple photos from Ewa Holland of hatchling Least Terns from this weekend.

This is a Least Tern juvenile that Ewa photographed as well.

Let's stay vigilant and persistent with monitoring and keep on helping all of these "late" birds grow up and leave the nest as we head into August!

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