Sunday, May 6, 2018

Nesting Begins

Piping Plovers are finally getting down to nesting now that the weather has turned from what felt like winter to what seems like summer. Our monitored beaches are full of birds forming pairs. Monitors and staff have been noting courtship, copulation, nest scrapes, and now eggs. There are a couple things to keep in mind while walking the beach during this period.

It is always best to stay between the water and the high tide line in the wet sand. You will be able to see the Piping Plovers higher on the beach feeding along the wrack line or down at the water foraging at the shore without the chance of getting too close to a nest.

Many of our monitors help clean the beaches by picking up trash and taking it with them. This can be very helpful and kind, but please remember that we still do not want to endanger the birds while doing so. Please remain out of string fenced areas at all times, and to not approach the birds too closely. 

All of the photos here were taken with a 500mm lens and cropped from a full frame camera. You are welcome to photograph the Piping Plovers, but please keep in mind this should also be done from a distance while allowing them to behave as if you were not even there. Here's to another week full of new nests!

Scott Kruitbosch
AAfCW Volunteer Coordinator
RTPI Conservation & Outreach Coordinator

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