Friday, April 11, 2014

Help Great Gull Island

We were contacted by Helen Hays of Great Gull Island and they need some help next week. Great Gull Island is a really amazing place and perhaps the most spectacular bird resource in Long Island Sound. They need help with the following tasks and some compensation may be available. Please contact Helen at hays@amnh.org and please CC pcomins@audubon.org and ctwaterbirds@gmail.com if you can. These are the tasks they need help with to benefit Roseate Terns:

1.       Take things from Niantic to Saybrook state loading dock on Monday April 14? Go with us to GGI and unload landing craft on April 15 returning p.m. April 15
2.       Anyone who could help us load the helicopter with wood on Wednesday, April 16 in Groton?  Flight has not been approved and if it is, directions will follow.
3.       Anyone who could come to GGI April 17-18 or longer to help us unload the wood.
4.       We can pay people who come to help something.

Thank you!

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